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When I got the first breathtaking smell of different flavored masala’s while peeping through the door of our family kitchen;my destiny was automatically written I guess. It was never meant to be my passion of being a so called successful doctor or an engineer. Although my parents wanted it like…

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Kashmiri Pink Tea

Recipe by Lutfun NessaLevel 1 Chef/Homecook Edited by Farmaeen Mortazarecipe EditorThe Going Delicious Magazine Ingredients 3 tbsp of green tea6 green cardamon2 cinnamon sticks6 star anise sugar as per tastesalt as per tasteA pinch of baking soda1 litter water1litter milk Preparation First put the green tea in a pot with…

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Healthy Grain Quinoa Salad With Chicken

Recipe by Abu Naser ChowdhuryChef De Cuisine,OLEALe Meridian, Dhaka Edited by Farmaeen MortazaRecipe EditorThe Going Delicious Magazine Chef Abu Naser Chowdhury, a Bangladeshi born chef, and cuisinier, started his career as a Commie Chef at Kuwait Regency palace hotel in 1996. After a few years of work, he shifted to…

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A Unique Type Of Prawn Kosha

Who doesn't love prawns? Specially tiger prawns. In this lockdown moment, enjoy a unique and special kind of prawn kosha (prawn recipe) from our delicious kitchen host Mushfiqur Rahman. Stay home, stay safe. Enjoy!

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Mutton Chui Jhal

Recipe by Rubena Raihan RubyBaker & Level 2 Chef Edited by Farmaeen MortazaRecipe EditorThe Going Delicious Magazine Rubena Raihan Ruby. Born and brought up in Rajshahi. Cooking was her passion since she was in college. After completing her honors in Botany, she gave more time to cooking than doing something…

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Ginger Tea – The silent Superhero!

Words by A M M Mushfiqur RahmanEditor In ChiefThe Going Delicious Magazine It was a Sunday evening. I was sitting in my room and working a bit from my PC during this Pandemic situation, as there is no other way but staying home.While working I can't concentrate on my surroundings.…

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Choose Your Paring Knife

DeskThe Going Delicious Magazine If you have the right knife in your kitchen then it would be much more easier for you to complete your tasks in daily basis. A paring knife is one of the most essential tools because it serves as a utility knife. Its small short blade…

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Masala Chick Peas

Let's make some delicious cuisine we love; like one of our Delicious Kitchen contributor Saeera Tabassum.She shared one of her favorite evening snacks "Fried Masala Chickpeas"You can share your quarantined - snacks/cuisine recipe with us.Use the hashtag #QuarentinedRecipe while sharing. Let's cook some exquisite food while we are staying home…

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Preventing Injuries In Your Kitchen

Edited by DeskThe Going Delicious Magazine Getting injured in a kitchen is not a joke, so we caught up with ER professionals to find out about some common injuries and how to tread them. A kitchen is a place of delicacy. This we know for sure. But we can't deny…

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A Brief History Of Biryani – Last Episode

Words by A M M Mushfiqur RahmanEditor In ChiefThe Going Delicious Magazine In our previous episode, we talked about the birth and journey of Biryani as a popular dish loved by every mass in the south and southeast Asia. We introduced Kolkata Biryani to you. Moving on to that story…

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Meet Chef Rongon Neogi

Read about Chef Rongon Neogi. Celebrity Chef from Kolkata,India. Rongon Neogi, a versatile chef, an alumnus of Institute of Hotel management Catering Technology & Applied Nutrition Kolkata , the premier Hotel school of India.Specialised in Continental Cuisine from Chaine de Rotisserie Germany. Been a TV Star of cookery in Bengali…

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