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Episode One “Poushi”

Since I was born in Chittagong, I used to visit Cox’s Bazar from a young age. As a result I ate at all the places of interest in Cox’s Bazar and it would be rude for me if I don’t mention all the good places. But lately, it’s been a hobby of mine to try new foods in new places.

I have been married for a few years now. So this time I went to Cox’s Bazar with my wife. From Bahaddarhat in Chittagong, I got on a bus named Marsa and left for Cox’s Bazar. The bus left just in time. After a while, the bus started moving over the Shah Amanat Bridge in the Karnafuli River, which at one time had a wooden deck bridge over the river. The bridge was brought from the Netherlands during the Ershad government. As a child I can remember, whenever our car passed over this bridge, it would make a loud noise on the wooden deck. It was a strange experience.

Anyway, the bus dropped us off at Kalatali corner of Cox’s Bazar after about 4 hours. Our hotel was fixed at Long Beach.By Long Beach I didn’t meant to say in USA. It’s just the name of the hotel was Long Beach. I like this hotel personally. The quality of breakfast is very good along with the good quality service of this hotel. After reaching to our room, I freshened up and went out for lunch.

While I am at Cox’s Bazar if I don’t eat at Poushhi it doesn’t seem right to me, so I took a tomtom and went to the old Poushhi on Simon Road. Reaching there we saw a lot of people giggling.

After standing for a while, we got a seat. The stomach is choking with hunger. So I ordered it quickly. Items were white rice, pulses, mixed mashed bhaji platter, Loitta fry, glassy fry.

Famous Vorta Platter of Poushi
Image Source : Rakib Hasnayeen

These items here are my all time favorite. Bharta Bhaji Platter has many types of Bharta. Some exceptional fillings are also occasionally available, such as collar mocha fillings(which is the flower portion of a banana tree), there are also a few types of dry fillings as well.

The people of Cox’s Bazar eat more spicy then the people in general of our country, so there is a good amount of heat in this dry mash. That’s why you have to eat with a little understanding. I like having spicy food. When you mix onions, peppers, and crispy deep-fried dried fish all togather & smear with mustard oil, the taste is heavenly while having them with hot rice.

Then there is Loittta Fry. She is another name that I love to have.

Deep-fried Loitta fish is a wonderful thing when it is dipped in batter. You would just get lost when you put it in your mouth. The outer coating is crispy and the inner fish is soft and juicy. That flavor is extraordinary. And not to mention the small fish fry. It is also deep-fried with rice flour. Many fish can be eaten only by gnawing.

I spread some rice with a sprinkle of lemon juice,some fish and put them in my mouth. With a little onion bite, Ah! What peace it was!

after having a satisfied tummy filled upp with these delicious foods we went for some dessert item. My choice here is pudding and custard. As soon as we came back after washing our hands, pudding and custard appeared on the table. When I put the cold custard in my mouth, aha! It seemed like I put something peaceful inside my mouth. I was feeling that amazing moment with my eyes closed. After eating custard, I went for the pudding. Took a bite & that’s another thing. Quite a sweet and creamy textured pudding it was. Melted like butter in my mouth.

Image Source : Rakib Hasnayeen

My father used to say that “Dessert is the king of food because just as the minister and other staff move away from the king when he arrives at the royal court, dessert takes its place in the stomach no matter how full it is”.

This is where our lunch ends, but there are still many more to try in Cox’s Bazar. Inshallah, I will share the rest of my experience in Cox’s Bazar in the next episodes. Till then I’ll take my leave for now!

Mushfiqur Rahman (Editor)

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