Words by

Subrina Surmin Haque
Staff Photographer
The Going Delicious Magazine

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A M M Mushfiqur Rahman
Editor In Chief
The Going Delicious Magazine

Rajshahi is the beauty queen district of North Bengal. It has a high rate of fresh air among very few countries in the world. A clean, green, and tidy city that has to offer a lot as a tourist spot for food-based travelers especially.
Like other cities of Bangladesh, street food culture is a common culture here among general masses. Here is a story by our staff photojournalist Subrina Surmin Haque about the street food culture of Rajshahi city.

1. Famous Peyara Makhano(Guava Mixture) of T Badh(dam)

Photos taken by Subrina Surmin Haque

Rajshahi is famous for the river Padma. The oldest and most beautiful place on the banks of this river is the T dam.

You may think that why is it called the T dam. The reason for the name of the dam is that the dam is like the English letter T and the reason I am talking about this place is that the Guava mixture sold by some vendors is very popular here. But I alongside most of the people like Mama’s Pickled guava mixture/Peyara Makhano in Bengali.

You might think that a simple Guava Mixture is so popular around here!
Then you must try it first to get the answer all by yourself.
Freshly chopped fresh guava; mixed with a bit of salt, mustard paste, some pickles, and a secret spice – is just amazing. Their behavior is amiable.

You will also find 10 types of pickles, all of which are equally delicious.
Oh yes, if you visit them most often; then they will recognize you very well and when you go the next time, they will start smearing guava as soon as they see you standing.

2. Famous Puri Burger & Vangchur of New Market

Photos taken by Subrina Surmin Haque

Joynal and Halim Mama’s shop at New Market in Rajshahi is a different kind of experience.
Seeing the way they call their customers, it seems that they might got into a fight with each other regarding the customers.

But friendships between them are kind of friendships that are rarely seen anywhere else.

Their innovation is also interesting. Which are two very strange foods, named as puri burgers and vandalism.

Beef, mushroom, chicken, shik, so many burgers you might have heard of. But the name of such kind of burger may seem to arise question in your mind like this.

What the hell is that!!?

Photos taken by Subrina Surmin Haque

This burger is made with puri. A puri is served in the bottom layer alongside comes potato chops, sauce, cucumber, onion powder, chilli powder, and another puri on top of those to make a burger like shape! (as the owners like to say so) with a secret spice.
In a word, the combination of sweet and sour, salt, and a lot of spice combined feels like it would stick in your mouth. Obviously in a good way.

Now let’s talk about vandalism!

What do you think when you hear the word?
Does it break everything?


 Stop for a moment there! nothing as such.

 However, the food is broken though, which means that puri, singara, aluchap, onion are cut into small pieces and mixed with cucumber powder, onion powder, chilli powder, sauce, and their secret spice altogether. This is what they like to call vandalism. It tastes quite different though. But in a yummy way, I have to mention.

In a word, nectar.

Their intellect is to be admired for creating such different and fun foods. Although the environment is full of noise, it becomes a small issue regarding the foods there.

3. Malai Cha(Tea) of Bornali

A little to the south of Rajshahi’s Nagar Bhaban is the Bernali junction. The tea shop called Sharif Tea Garden along the railway line at this junction is known to all as Bornali tea.

You have to wait patiently for a place to sit properly to enjoy that Tea. It’s the daily scene from the afternoon till 10/11 pm. Although all their teas are delicious, Malai tea seems to be more popular. Half Malai tea consists of half portion of the tea and half portion of Malai mixed and served as a half cup. It costs 50 taka. If you are a Malai lover then the full cup will be better for you. It will cost 100 taka for a cup full of tea.

The cup is filled with 1/3 of the tea and the rest with Malai as if it seems to be overflowing. Oh yes! you will be given a spoon because you can’t eat so much Malai just like that. Extra sugar is poured over Malai, but I like it less sweet avoiding that sugar.
I think their tea is fairly healthy as they wash and clean the cups with hot water every time they make tea.

4. The Chapwala on a van- Near Zero Point

It is difficult to find people who have come to Rajshahi but do not know Zero Point. It is one of the busiest hubs of Rajshahi city. While you are there; just beside this Zero Point & alongside the ATM booth of First Security Islami Bank, you will see a lot of people gathered in a busy afternoon.

At first, you might think as if a small crowd of protesters is gathered there or something bad has happened there. But here is no reason to be afraid/worried as those people are waiting to eat different chops(fried snacks).

Yes! you have heard that right!

They sell a verity of chops. Such as chicken, quail, minced meat, mushroom, coriander, potato, egg, shrimp here. The price is only 5 rupees per piece and I think no one goes without eating less than 10 pieces at least.

I also like their Halim, Piyazi, Beguni, and Puri. However, the one’s that I like most is minced meat and mushroom chops. I eat so much from them that while I go there; as soon as they see me, they put minced meat and mushroom chop on their small palm-sized plastic plate and gives me as soon as possible. That time; everyone else standing there gets a bit surprised to see such a scenario.

You can’t find a single person visiting Rajshahi or people living there who have not eaten/tried this food once. In my opinion, this chop is a must try & one should at least taste it for once.

Mushfiqur Rahman (Editor)

In Going Delicious Magazine, our mission is to focus stories around your world to the world. We aim to provide a platform for those who document and capture the world of food and travelling, bringing them together to create a record of wonderful and mesmerizing moments to share with everyone. Going Delicious Magazine is a collaborative project with a diverse group of photographers, writers, adventurers, Food journalist,Chefs and Food Critics. Together we bring readers a world of Adventure and delicious experience..

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The photos used in the article should be more accurate in case of angles and focus on the subject. Good luck.


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