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Cox’s Bazar beach is the largest as well as unbroken beach in the world and one of the most beautiful and popular tourist destinations of Bangladesh. The 120 km long uninterrupted beach always attracts local and foreign tourists with its magnificent views and spectacular sunset scenario.

Usually most of the Bangladeshi people chooses winter to visit Cox’s Bazar. Because in winter, the beauty of the beach will catch your eye in such a way that you coudn’t find In any other season of the year. It will become an unforgetable memory of your life for sure.

Though other seasons bring different type of natural scene, I personaly prefer winter to go there.

In the rainy season, of course, you will see another catastrophe of this beach. The sea will always be rough and turbulent. Big waves hitting the shore might make your heart beat go up and down in such rapid phase that there is a chance of missing one or two!
But that’s another beautiful scene to mention. If you are a lover of the rainy season, it might sooth your soul for a while.

The law of nature is to change from time to time. You will always find the effect of that law in Cox’s Bazar. If you go to Cox’s Bazar at any time other than winter, you will get a good advantage. It can be said that you can enjoy half of the price of almost everything starting from hotel rent.

How to go there?

From the capital city of Bangladesh you can go to Cox Bazar by Air,Road & by Rail.
The green line,Shohag,S Alam,Hanif enterprise,Shemoli enterprise,Soudia etc. Services are significant among the buses going from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar.Depending on the class, the fare for each seat of the bus can be from 900 to 2500 Taka(Bangladeshi Currency).

If you want to travel to Cox’s Bazar by train from Dhaka, you can start your journey from Kamalapur or Airport Railway Station by Shonar Bangla,Shuborno Express,Turna-Nishita,Mohanogor Godhuli/Provati & Chittagong Mail . Train fares can range from Taka 345 to 1,200.

Then you will get different types of buses going for Cox Bazar; from Dampara bus counter or third Karnafuli bridge counter in Chittagong. The fare will be 260 to 550 Taka depending on the category.

In addition, Bangladesh Biman, a state-run airline in Bangladesh, and a number of private airlines, including US Bangla, Novo Air, and Regent, operate direct flights from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar.

Where to stay?

The current capacity of hotels in Cox’s Bazar is about 145,000. So even if you do not book in the off-season, you are guaranteed to get a room in the hotel. But it is better to book in advance from December 15 to January 15.

Generally, hotels, motels and resorts in Cox’s Bazar can be divided into several categories considering the price and quality.

1. Affordable

2. Classy

3. Luxurious

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Urmi Guest House, Koral Reaf, Iqra Beach Ressort, Ovishar, Media Inn, Kollol, Saintmartin Ressort etc. are few of the affordable inns and hotels. The rent of these hotels and inns is usually between 800 to 3000 Taka.

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Sea Crown, Sea Palace, Seagul, koral Reef, Beach View, Uni Ressort etc. are few of the classy hotels & Inns. Rent of these hotels and inns is usually between 3000 to 6000 Taka.

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Long Beach, Marmaid Beach Ressort, Saymon Beach ressort, Ocean Paradise, Herritage etc. are few of the Luxurious Hotels & ressorts.The rent of these hotels and ressorts is usually between 6000 to 12000 Taka.

However, a few hotels are also available at a lower price than the above price. In that case, you have to find out a little in advance. In the off-season, the hotel rent is usually less than half.

If you want to stay in a cheap hotel or resort, you can look for hotels in the opposite lane in front of the Long Beach Hotel, a short distance from Kalatali Beach.
The farther the hotel is from Beach and Main Road, the lower the fare. In this case, you should not seek advice from local rickshaw pullers or CNG drivers if you are a tourist.You can always check websites of those hotels or any good booking site to get the best deal in room rate.

What to do?

The surging waters of the sea, the rows of tamarisk trees or the sandy hot shore will draw you to an irresistible attraction for sure.
Sunbathing in the sea, walking on the beach or the breathtaking view of blue waves will bring a feeling of pure peace in your mind at every moment.
It is important to know the time of ebb and flow before going out to sea. So that you can be careful while swimming at sea & enjoying your time at the beach.

If you want to enjoy the true beauty of the sea, you must stay in the beach between sunrise and sunset.

After the evening of full moon, a strangely enchanting atmosphere prevails on the beach. You will surely miss your beloved one at that moment if you are alone.

In the afternoon you can go to Inani or Himchari fountain. And if you have enough time to spare; then Moheshkhali island, Kutubdiya Island, Ramu Buddist Temple, Teknaf or Saintmartin Island would be few attractive places to visit while you are staying in Cox’s Bazar for a couple of days.

I pesonaly recomend going to the Saintmartins Island. It’s a true beauty. It’ also has the largest coral reef of Bangladesh.

Where to eat?

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You can find various type of restaurants in Cox’s Bazar according to your need. Poushi,dhanshiri,Jhaubon are few of the popular restaurants to mention.
As it’s a beach, there are a huge varities of sea food available at those restaurats 24 hours most of the time. I would recommend to try a few of them. The costing of a persons Lunch or Dinner would vary between 170 to 600 Taka.

There are a few fast food cafes as well as international fast food chain like KFC is available if you prefer not to eat any local foods.

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