Read about Chef Rongon Neogi. Celebrity Chef from Kolkata,India.

Rongon Neogi, a versatile chef, an alumnus of Institute of Hotel management Catering Technology & Applied Nutrition Kolkata , the premier Hotel school of India.Specialised in Continental Cuisine from Chaine de Rotisserie Germany. Been a TV Star of cookery in Bengali television channels for last 2 decades.

He is the most prominent celebrity chef of Kolkata, West Bengal as well as in India.

Chef Rongon Neogi started Continental Catering Services when he was a student of INSTITUTE OF HOTEL MANAGEMENT & CATERING TECHNOLOGY & APPLIED NUTRITION KOLKATA. It’s a Pan India catering services.

Apart from being the founder and partner of Continental Catering Services; he is also a popular face in the INDIAN CULINARY WORLD with his appearances in various Television culinary shows in Bengal for instance in ETV, AKASH ATH, ZEE BANGLA, R PLUS, SADHANA TV, etc for more than 15 yrs now and as a food columnist for 3 decades in various noteworthy magazines, for instance, SANANDA ( he’s associated with Sananda since it’s inception) FEMINA, PAROMA, HANGLA HNESHEL, SAMPURNA, ADWITIYA, etc.
He is a member of the Chef’s Guild of India,  Federation of Hotel Restaurants of India & Hotel Restaurants Association of Eastern India as well. 

Chef Neogi also runs a YouTube channel with 450 recipe videos , 1674000 viewers , 13000 subscribers .

He was the Judge of Rupchanda, The Super Chef – defined as the biggest Culinary Reality show of Bangladesh. But lastly, he is known as a renowned Bangali/Bengali chef in India, especially in West Bengal.

Lately we had a chance to interview chef Neogi and talked about various issues related to culinary world as well as his thoughts about cookery & career. Let’s hear those story from his words.

1. What is your motive of being a chef?

I have a passion for eating good food, enjoyed the process of cooking from my childhood, helped my mother in cooking. When I passed Higher Secondary, I thought why not make a career out of it & joined the Institute of Hotel Management Catering Technology & Applied Nutrition Kolkata to pursue the hobby & became a professional Chef.

2. What is your style of cooking?

My style of cooking is to keep it simple yet delicious & present the dish very attractive to the diners. I also keep the balance of nutrients while cooking .

3. Your professional life? Why was it important for you?                       

 My memorable achievements are umpteen but few are very nostalgic to me. Once in an outdoor catering party of 400 odd guests, the Rabri fell short & 50 more people to feed, only the milky juice of the  Rabri was remaining & no creamy layers of Malai left. Instantly in self reflex it came to my mind to use Rumali Roti as the creamy layers of Malai & I tear the rumali Rotis & mixed with the milk to manage the party & salvage. 

Once Pandit Rabi Sankar the Sitar exponent entrusted me with the catering of a press conference to introduce his daughter Anoushka to Kolkata audiences & got the chance to talk to the maestro & he appreciated my food.                                      My other memorable achievement is to cater to Bollywood film star Om Puri’s second marriage with journalist Nandita Choudhury. Om Puri wanted to keep the party a low profile & avoided the media, it’s just a small party of 50 odd guests mostly close relatives & friends. Om Puri was so happy with the food that after the party he introduced me to his guests & praised my food. 

4. How you plan a restaurant menu and how you ensure the menu runs accordingly?              

To  plan a restaurant menu first is to develop a menu concept than plan how the restaurant to be known for. Then I make a list of main ingredients, find out the source of ingredients & fix vendors, do the food costing. Plan plantings & make a test run. 

5. How do you develop your team, what responsibilities and freedom you give to your juniors?

I believed in the delegation of work & accordingly I train my team, brief them on my moto & plans, delegate the responsibilities to the team members. Once in a week, I call a meeting invite suggestions from each & every member.

6. How you keep up to date with a constantly evolving culinary scenario?

I always upgrade my knowledge & make it a point to change plans according to the needs of the day & plan to deliver it.

7. One of your worst food critic or comment that you received and how you dealt with it?

See, I as a chef; always welcome constructive criticism with valid reasons & logic & am open-mindedly accept them, but I always ignore the so-called Food bloggers, whose knowledge about the food are limited & more into making stories than write about the nitty-gritty of the dish, etc. No particular critics to mention.

8. What would you like to do more for a chef support system in helping each other in achieving success?

See, as a leader of the kitchen, I am a father figure to my team. I always inspire them & if they follow my instructions, I go beyond my capacity to help them in even personal crisis. I always encourage my team members if they try to do something new & innovative.

9. Do you follow any rituals? If yes, then how it helps you to stay active and motivated?

No I don’t follow any rituals in kitchen.

10. How you judge a young chef and how you test him/her for the long term?

A chef is not inborn  so whenever any young chef join my team, I judge them by their sincerity, eagerness to learn, hard work, integrity to the kitchen then I consider his or her knowledge of culinary concepts.

11. Who is your inspiration in life?

My inspiration is my father Late Arun Kantha Neogi & professional inspiration is Chef J K Escoffier & Larousse Gastronomic is my Geeta, Koran & Bible. My professor chef of Institute of Hotel Management Catering Technology & Applied Nutrition, my mentor Late Barun Chakraborty always inspired me in all my endeavors as a chef & encouraged me and am indebted to him.

12. Name top restaurants around the world according to you?

I don’t want to name the top restaurants of the world because I didn’t travel to many countries & naming would be an injustice to restaurants of those countries. Among Indian restaurants, I prefer Bukhara of ITC Maurya of New Delhi. Among Bengali restaurants Bangladeshi restaurants are the best, I don’t prefer Bengali restaurants of Kolkata as they’re hyped by the media. 

13. Name top five Indian as well as Bengali chefs of all time according to you?

Among Indian Chefs I will name Arvind Saraswat, corporate Chef of Taj group & legendary Chef Imtiaz Quereshi of ITC . 

I don’t want to name any Bengali chef in particular but Late Nibaran Gomes was the mentor of all my mentors.

14. Which book or an incident influenced you and how it changed your approach to life?

In my career ‘ Kitchen Confidential ‘ authored by Chef Late Anthony Bourdain influenced me & I follow it & it helped me to get confidence as a Chef & helped me to overcome many hardships I faced as a chef. Unfortunately, Chef Anthony Bourdain suicided recently.

15. What kind of restaurant do you take your family to?

I always ask my family members about their preference of cuisine &  keep it for them to decide. 

16. When you want to eat in a restaurant, what dishes do you look for on the menu?

When I travel within the Indian Subcontinent I prefer Bengali restaurants of Dhaka & Chattogram of Bangladesh, I love their Bhortas, different fish preparations, Kala bhunas, Burhanis & Prithas. When I travel to Europe I go for Continental food.

17. Do classic or modern dishes stand ahead of time, if yes then the reason according to you?

I always prefer classic Retro dishes & it’s my all-time favorite & those stands ahead of time.

18. Any work or project you do for community development?

I do voluntary work for one private Hotel school of Kolkata to train school dropouts to become Kitchen helpers to get kitchen jobs to earn for their families. 

I am now working on authoring two books, one named ‘Bangal Barir Ranna‘/ ‘ বাঙাল বাড়ির রান্না ‘ & the other one on Kitchen anecdotes & it’s yet to be named.

19. Do you believe TV chefs make a good real kitchen chef? If yes, why? 

One has to be a good Chef & then he/ she is called by the television channels. There is no short cut to become a Chef of the idiot Box. 

20. Do you believe a chef needs to cook religion, should beliefs come between profession & the belief?

I am a professional chef  & a Hindu by religion but when I am in the kitchen, I am a chef first then a Hindu. I prepare Beef, Pork  & other meat & I eat them also but it depends on the particular chef & his belief.

21. What is your life goal in the profession?

I want to be remembered as a legendary chef by the over generation.

22. Anything you want to say to our readers? Especially for those who want to pursue this profession?

To be a successful  chef , one has to be hard working, honest to the kitchen, dedicated to his work, sincere & innovative 

Visit Chef Neogi’s Workplace

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