When I got the first breathtaking smell of different flavored masala’s while peeping through the door of our family kitchen;my destiny was automatically written I guess.It was never meant to be my passion of being a so called successful doctor or an engineer.Although my parents wanted it like that! My heart always felt I need to cook. Something new, colorful, fascinating as well as delightful to eat.The first time I peeped through our kitchen wasn’t going to be the last time;that was for sure to me. As a result of that curiosity I started my culinary journey for the love of food and fascination around it. 

Who knew, from that day on, it will not only be a story of food but also be a story of thousand souls around my globe. 

Going Delicious Magazine is a Project to focus Bangladeshi food and culture in front of the globe as well as bringing the world at your doorstep.That’s the motto that I with my fabulous team took to make you feel like a citizen of the world.

” In Going Delicious Magazine, our mission is to focus stories around your world to the world.We aim to provide a platform for those who document and capture the world of food and travelling, bringing them together to create a record of wonderful and mesmerizing moments to share with everyone.Going Delicious Magazine is a collaborative project with a diverse group of photographers, writers, adventurers, Food journalist,Chefs and Food Critics. Together we bring readers a world of Adventure and delicious experience “

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We are a team of Adventurous people and chefs.Going Delicious magazine is the story of our travels. Stories related to food and culture. – Express the world as seen through your eyes with us.⁣⁣⁣

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